In Their Own Language

Translations of Documents from English to Spanish

There are many opportunities to provide information and enhance communication with a Spanish speaking audience  Here are just a few:

 Translation of letters, documents, brochures,  marketing materials.

IEP and 504  plans, student registration forms, handbooks, and resource materials

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We can provide accurate translations in a timely manner.

ZOOM Meetings

ZOOM meetings to ensure that every individual have the opportunity to comprehend discussion and participate fully in any meeting.

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Written translations in English to Spanish

There are many opportunities to enhance communication.  Here are just a few:

Web-sites and marketing materials, newsletters, informational brochures, registration forms, birth certificates, assessments.

Student registration forms, handbooks, IEP and 504  plans

Interpretation at Community meetings

Special education, parent-teacher and disciplinary meetings

Having written translations and Interpretation services ready available leads to a more effective outcome. It helps build understanding and strengthen relationships.

We’re here to help you with that!

In their own language specializes in written translations from English to Spanish and Spanish to English and interpretation to help strengthen relationships, enhance understanding and address specific client needs.

Our mission is to transfer the meaning of the source language into the target language while maintaining the proper lexical form in the process of translation and doing in such a way that the reader should feel that is not a translation.

At this time when communication and equitable treatment of all has become so important, it is essential to provide the resources that will help all clients, including those whose native language is Spanish.

We’d love to work with you!!  For additional information,  or to discuss a contract please contact us at:

The need for English-Spanish translation is growing rapidly. We encourage you to contact us promptly to ensure that we can accommodate your needs.